Justin Timberlake came out with a new album this week! It’s called The 20/20 Experience. jt-306v-1358169916It has 10 songs and my favorite is “Pusher Love Girl.” All the songs have a similar sound, and each is actually pretty long. (The shortest song is almost 5 minutes long.) I have been waiting for his album ever since Timberlake performed “Suit and Tie” and “Pusher Love Girl” at the Grammy’s this year.I was surprised when I first heard “Suit and Tie,” but I’ve grown to love that song. I was ecstatic when he confirmed that The 20/20 Experience is only half an album and the other half will be released at a later date. The last album he came out with was seven years ago, yet he is still extremely popular. Justin Timberlake is just great. He’s a triple threat! It may have been easy for him to start a solo career after being a member of the 90’s boy band N*SYNC. Fans who have followed him since the beginning of his career must be  incredibly proud of him.