T. Swizzle

Remember when Taylor Swift was a country singer? Well, I think times have changed. She is a pop artists now, and she isn’t a teenager anymore. She is “America’s sweetheart” or at least she used to be. She writes her own songs, and I think that’s really great. We should appreciate when artists contribute more than just their vocals to their music; it proves how passionate and dedicated they are to their work. All her songs are extremely catchy, but every single one is a love song! She says she draws inspiration from her real life, and she has a lot of relationships to use. She is well-known for dating many other famous guys, like Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Harry Styles, Joe Jonas.. There are quite a few. We have caught on to this, and she has been receiving a lot of feedback on her personal life lately because of it. Regardless, I think she is a fantastic person, and her career is still going strong.


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