Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has become super popular recently. I do not personally listen to her too much, but I do know a ton of people who are in love with her. A lot of the people I know who like her could be considered “hipster” so I guess I am just not cool enough to enjoy her music. I believe she has only released two albums Born to Die and Paradise. Both of which were very successful on the charts. She has a very soulful sound, and her voice is very rich. She has gained lots of attention, and she has worked hard for it. Her songs are slow, and definitely not “light pop.” Her sound is reminiscent of the 60’s, and her music is great for use in TV or music. She sounds real, and her lyrics are serious. I think it’s great that she is becoming so well-known because it shows how diverse popular music can be.


T. Swizzle

Remember when Taylor Swift was a country singer? Well, I think times have changed. She is a pop artists now, and she isn’t a teenager anymore. She is “America’s sweetheart” or at least she used to be. She writes her own songs, and I think that’s really great. We should appreciate when artists contribute more than just their vocals to their music; it proves how passionate and dedicated they are to their work. All her songs are extremely catchy, but every single one is a love song! She says she draws inspiration from her real life, and she has a lot of relationships to use. She is well-known for dating many other famous guys, like Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Harry Styles, Joe Jonas.. There are quite a few. We have caught on to this, and she has been receiving a lot of feedback on her personal life lately because of it. Regardless, I think she is a fantastic person, and her career is still going strong.

Team Breezy

Ok, so I know Chris Brown is not the best person, but that has nothing to do with his talent.He is a singer, dancer, and rapper. He has been doing his thing since 2005; that was when he released “Run It!” which was an immediate hit. There are so many songs by him that have the potential to become R&B classics, like “Take You Down,” “Forever,” and “Deuces.” He gained a lot of negative attention after beating his girlfriend, Rihanna, back in 2009. Yes, that was a terrible thing to do, but I still like his music. It’s actually surprising how the incident did not hurt his career too much. His newest album is Fortune, and I think it is really great, and I listen to it all the time now. F.A.M.E. and Chris Brown are other albums I like. His music sounds very similar to Usher. Chris Brown is my favorite artist of the moment; I just hope he doesn’t make another huge mistake.


I love Drake Aubrey Graham! You probably know him just as Drake, and he is extremely popular. He is a Canadian rapper, and he really got me into rap music. I remember the first song I heard by him was “Forever” on the radio. Some of my favorite rap songs are by him, like “Fancy” and “Best I Ever Had.” A lot of people complain about how he is not “real” rap, but I still like his music. He is part of the rap group YMCMB (Young Money Cash Money Billionaire), which was started by Lil’ Wayne. He was actually on Degrassi when he was younger, before his rap career started. Take Care, his newest album, is probably his best in my opinion. His raps aren’t always the fastest; unlike some other rappers, his raps can be slow, but he will still sound great. Off of the Take Care album, I really like “The Motto” and “HYFR,” but you have probably already heard those on the radio thousands of times.