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Joseph-VincentSo this weeks post is for my friend Tracie because her birthday was over the weekend. I’m really into YouTube, and I got her to start liking this singer on YouTube names Joseph Vincent (hoorahjencar on YouTube). I think he is just great! He is so talented, and as a fan, I am proud of where he is going. He is signed with Catch Adventures. He has been writing his own music since he was still in high school, and now he has his own album out! His voice is smooth and calming. His album reminds me of Bruno Mars. I like album, Blue Skies, but I listen to his covers on YouTube more. My favorite song by him is “S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day).”

I know this post is about Joseph Vincent, but there are many YouTube musicians I enjoy listening to. Others to check out include: Tori Kelly, AJ Rafael, JR Aquino, Andrew Garcia, Jeremy Passion, Traphik, Jayesslee, and more. I love that they have gained popularity from just being part of the YouTube community because they are independent. They have more freedom in their career because they started it on their own. Also, I think their fans are more loyal to them. Being able to watch your idol’s career grow actually makes you proud, and you get to say you heard of them years ago. They are also able to support each other. Many YouTube artists are friends so they can collaborate and gain even more popularity from other fan bases easily. I love YouTube!


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