O Hey Bey

Beyonce-Super-Bowl-Promo-PictureSuper Bowl XLVII was last week, and Beyoncé was the halftime performance (but you knew that). She was stunning! The week before everyone was buzzing about how she lip-synced the national anthem at Obama’s inauguration, but after her Superbowl performance, who still doubts her? Her voice is versatile and genuine. She is a superstar of our generation, and her hits definitely live on. My cousin said “Single Ladies” might be one of the defining songs of our time, and although we’ll have to wait and see, I agree with him. Her Destiny’s Child days were jumpin’, and she is irreplaceable. Everyone says her name because she is a survivor of the 90’s. She just had a baby, but look at her! She’s still bootylicious. Jay-Z is lucky because being married to Beyoncé means you got no problems. Ok, I’m done with that now, but really…what am I supposed to say about BEY? We live in a democracy, but she’s still a queen. The visual effects during her show were amazing, and all the single ladies went crazy when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams got up on stage too. She runs the world. Sorry… I just can’t resist. Even spellcheck recognizes her name (it corrected the accent on the e)!


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