That’s Why I Love [Him]

So in case you didn’t get it, the title is a reference to Ne-Yo’s song “Miss Independent.” Ne-Yo has always been one of my favorite musical artists. R&B is actually my favorite type of music, and Ne-Yo has the perfect voice for it. His voice is smooth and calming. I like to listen to his songs before going to sleep. He has worked with the biggest artists. He started out as a song-writer and has written many hits including “Irreplaceable” (Beyoncé), “Take a Bow” (Rihanna), and “Let Me Love You” (Mario). And he has his own hit songs. So he sings, song-writes, and dances! He came out with a new album, R.E.D. recently, and I really love it! I like that he put out the single “Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)” just because it has the same name as the hit song he wrote for Mario, but that song isn’t my favorite off the album. I actually made a Ne-Yo playlist and I figured I should just list all the songs I put on it. “So Sick” and “Miss Independent” have to be my favorites.

-Because Of You -Can We Chill -Make It Work -Go On Girl -So Sick -When You’re Mad -Sexy Love -Never Knew I Needed -Cracks In Mr. Perfect -Lazy Love -Miss Right -Don’t Make Em Like You -She Is -My Other Gun -Single -Mad -Miss Independent -Part Of The List -Lie To Me -She Got Her Own


O Hey Bey

Beyonce-Super-Bowl-Promo-PictureSuper Bowl XLVII was last week, and Beyoncé was the halftime performance (but you knew that). She was stunning! The week before everyone was buzzing about how she lip-synced the national anthem at Obama’s inauguration, but after her Superbowl performance, who still doubts her? Her voice is versatile and genuine. She is a superstar of our generation, and her hits definitely live on. My cousin said “Single Ladies” might be one of the defining songs of our time, and although we’ll have to wait and see, I agree with him. Her Destiny’s Child days were jumpin’, and she is irreplaceable. Everyone says her name because she is a survivor of the 90’s. She just had a baby, but look at her! She’s still bootylicious. Jay-Z is lucky because being married to Beyoncé means you got no problems. Ok, I’m done with that now, but really…what am I supposed to say about BEY? We live in a democracy, but she’s still a queen. The visual effects during her show were amazing, and all the single ladies went crazy when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams got up on stage too. She runs the world. Sorry… I just can’t resist. Even spellcheck recognizes her name (it corrected the accent on the e)!

Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation (Skip)

The Janoskians are a group of Australian boys who make YouTube videos. Now if you have heard of them you would know they are not really a music group, but they have released a single so I have an excuse to talk about them in this blog. Daniel Sahyounie, Luke Brooks, Beau Brooks, Jai Brooks, and James Yammouni do extremely disgusting things and many of their videos could be considered crude. I’m currently obsessed.

I don’t like them for their music, and you probably wouldn’t either. Their first single is called “Set This World On Fire.” It is a pop song and you can tell they used autotune. They’re not singers, but they have their own reasons for wanting to sign with Sony. It’s still a fun song, but I didn’t like it the first time I heard it. However, it is growing on me. It’s very stereotypical pop about going out and just having fun. They are bound to have a good following because of the fans they already made online. I think they could have done something a little more interesting to start off their music career, but what they actually do on YouTube is extremely “interesting,” and they should just keep going with that. They do a lot of challenges which involve food. They also like to pull pranks on the unsuspecting public. I think they are going to be get even bigger, not for their singing career, but because of the other stuff they do. They already have their own show on MTV in Australia so learn their name. It is hard for me to define them because I’m not even really sure what they do. The only way to understand is by watching their videos, but let me warn you first! They do use explicit language and some of their videos are pretty gross. They’re just boys living wild while they are young, and I really hope they don’t die soon. I only heard about them a little while ago, but I enjoy watching them.

P.S. They do have an official VEVO version of this music video, but I like this one. It’s weirder, and you get a better sense of who they are.